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Was Beau Brooks in a scary accident at Teen Choice Awards on Sunday?

It’s bizarrely unclear.

The Aussie was on the blue carpet with the rest of his Janoskians members when he decided he would “surf” the carpet.

Using one of the classic Teen Choice surf boards, Brooks took a surfing pose as team members carried the board in the air.

That is, until he fell - and seemingly hit his head.

Security immediately put a neck brace around Brooks' head as he lay motionless.

Fans were immediately confused as to whether the 21-year-old was seriously hurt, or if the group was pulling one of its typical pranks.

“#getwellbeauteenchoiceawards2014″ became a trending topic on Twitter, and the act’s official account tweeted:

Check out the video below, start at the 1:40 mark.


Looks like it was a Janoskians prank after all! 

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Photo: Getty Images