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(Yahoo!) - Justin Bieber can't go a day without drama.

The latest in the 20-year-old singer's life is that he was held up in customs at Los Angeles International Airport for a reported five hours after arriving on an Air Singapore flight from Tokyo on Thursday afternoon. 

"We have no comment for the moment," a rep for Bieber told Yahoo. We also have no further information about what customs officers grilled the pop star about.

When he finally was able to leave the airport around 6:20 p.m., Justin was clearly more than ready. He strutted through the doors, past paparazzi and excited fans, and into his waiting SUV with four bodyguards as well as his usual swagger.

Of course, he shared some of those on Twitter as well, along with several reassuring positive messages:

Scooter Braun was a bit more exhausted by the whole ordeal:

TMZ reported in February that Bieber was on Homeland Security's watch list, because he was part of a criminal case in America (following his Jan. 23 arrest for DUI in Miami) and another in Canada (for an alleged altercation with a limo driver in Toronto last December). Being on the list means that Bieber can be searched and questioned at length whenever he re-enters the United States.

Bieber has raised suspicion while globetrotting before: his private plane was searched after flying into New Jersey's Teterboro Airport from Canada on Jan. 31. Bieber admitted during questioning at the time he had been smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol. Pilots claimed his behavior was worse. A police report obtained by NBC News about the incident said the star and his father, 38-year-old Jeremy Bieber, smoked so much marijuana that pilots had to wear oxygen masks. The Biebers were also "extremely abusive" to the flight attendant.

His most recent encounter with customs comes six days after the White House responded to a petition to have him deported back to his native country. Although 273,968 Americans signed the petition on the White House website, the government responded with a cheeky "no comment" making references to his songs "Believe" and "Never Say Never."

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