Candytopia Brings All Your Candy Land Dreams To Life

posted by JoJo Wright -

Candytopia is the latest in sweet pop-ups located in DTLA. If you ever wished Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory was a real place, say no more! Your dream has come true! 

Jackie Sorkin known as the star of TLC’s Candy Queen and the ultimate candy stylist always dreamed of creating a real-life version of the movie and now her dream is a reality. 

Candytopia is open to the public now and now YOU can experience this colorful, candy land yourself!  

It's located at the L.A. Hangar Studios in DTLA and you'll be greeted by a colorful building surrounded by lollipop statues and other candy treats.

Producer Dana got a sneak peak of this magical place recently and she can't stop talking about it! 

Guests are welcomed through a factory looking entrance where Jackie Sorkin's assistants are there to welcome you with open arms and drawers full of chocolate pieces. (This is already off to a great start). 

Guests walk through a jungle full of animals, candy animals that is! Which are made entirely from candies like jelly beans and gummy bears. Once you hang with the candy monkeys, you are welcomed to a colorful paradise playground where you can toss around beach balls, takes some pics and have some cotton candy! 

There are so many fun-filled rooms in this place that will have you on sensory overload, in a good way! 

Like this marshmallow room! You squeeze through this hallway lined with giant marshmallow-like inflatable to be greeted by a pool FULL of jumbo marshmallows that you can dive into, throw the treats into vacuum tubes which will fly them into the air and whatever else your imagination can think of! 

Colorful hallways full of neon lights into an emoji room... 

...and a room that replicates Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where you can "shrink" yourself down to a tiny little human! 

Exit the fun-factory whichever way you choose, slide or stairs, but don't forget to get some candy at the end! 

Tickets are going fast so get them while they're available! Tickets go on sale for $30 (adults) and $23 (for kids). 

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