The Top 5 Dating Terms Of 2018 You Should Know

posted by JoJo Wright -

In 2018, it seems that dating is getting trickier and trickier. There are so many terms being thrown around in the dating world, for example, ghosting, sidebarring and zombieing... what?! 

Well now Plenty Of Fish released five new terms in the dating world that we all should be on the lookout for in 2018. Here they are: 

1. Flexting: when you boast about yourself before meeting your date to hype yourself up and (hopefully) impress your date.

2. Cricketing: When one person goes days without responding to the other... hence the crickets.

3. Ghostbusting: This is funny! When someone tries to "ghost" you but you constantly hit them up so they're basically forced to respond to you at some point. 

4. Serendipidating: WOW, what a name! This is when you put off a date to give yourself extra time to hopefully find someone better.

5. Fauxbae’ing: When someone pretends to have a significant other on social media, mainly to make an ex jealous. 

So with that said, do or don't do these new dating trends this year... whatever you decide have fun but jeeze, people gotta chill with these terms!! 

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