"Selfie Kid" Is The Breakout Star of Super Bowl LII

posted by JoJo Wright -

Taking a selfie with a celebrity is pretty cool on its own. But, taking one with Justin Timberlake while he's performing at the Super Bowl is on another level. This is the experience of 13 year old, Ryan McKenna. 

Better known as "Selfie Kid," Ryan became an overnight sensation when he caught a selfie with JT himself. In recalling the experience, Ryan says, "I just thought to myself, 'I'll never get this opportunity again in my whole life' ... I just went for it." He surely went for it as he had a very small window to snap a quick picture of his "favorite singer." The picture almost didn't happen, as his phone turned off on him while he was recording the moment. The shuffle and confusion inspired a few different internet memes that you can view below. 

Thankfully, Ryan was able to get a couple pics with Justin who seemingly posed for the moment. Since the moment, the 7th grader has appeared on Good Morning America and has reached 48 thousand followers on his Instagram.

Watch him tell his story below:

These are too funny! 

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