Video of Golden Retriever Delicately Holding Egg Goes Viral

posted by @WebGirlKathleen -

Golden retrievers are known for being incredibly gentle dogs and this video proves it! 

Twitter user @Iaurdreyfuss posted a video of her sweet pup gingerly holding a raw egg in her mouth without breaking it. Turns out her Aunt is a vet tech who wanted to prove the golden retriever "soft mouth" theory with the family dog, Sookie. 

Sookie looks adorably confused during the experiment, giving sweet doe-eyes to the camera without ever cracking the eggs. 

Other breeds known for their gentle, soft bites are Cocker Spaniels, Poodles, and Gordon Setters.

Check out the cute video below + check out more pics of Sookie on her official Facebook page, 'Willworkfortreats.'