Will 'This Is Us' Reveal A Flash Forward Of Rebecca's Death?

posted by Allie Gold -

This Is Us was the most talked about show this week. With two episodes airing over the course of 3 days, it is safe to say that every fan of the show shed at least one tear during episodes. The first one aired on Super Bowl Sunday revealing the tragic death of the beloved character Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia. This episode led us into Tuesday night when Mandy Moore's character, Rebecca, had to bring her children to his funeral. With this episode came important character strength from Rebecca who was seen in past episodes as being under-appreciated by her children. What we've come to realize in this episode that Mandy Moore will be getting justice for her character in the upcoming episodes and season. 

She tells Vanity Fair: “I’m not a mother, but just speaking from my own experience and observations, I feel like moms often are sort of relegated to that,” Moore said. “Not all the time, and that is sweeping generalization—but I feel like moms often are underestimated. Because they do carry, in a lot of cases, so much of the heavy load in life. And I am glad that like the tide has sort of shifted in this season.” Jack may look like the superhero dad, and he is in a lot of ways, we are finally figuring out that Rebecca is 'very much his equal,' “They were such a duo and a unit,” Moore said, “And I love that she’s sort of getting her due now.”

Moore also explains in the interview how she was caught off guard by the major development in the flash forward of the Super Bowl Sunday episode. At the end of this episode we are introduced to an aged Sterling K. Brown and an adult version of his daughter Tess. Although, Moore isn't sure how much of the show will turn into flash-forwards, she was delighted by the story arch for a very specific reason. She says, "For me, it’s just nice that other cast members get to experience what I have for the last two years,” Moore quipped. “Because it’s pretty torturous going through all that [old age] hair and makeup.”

Actually though, with flash-forwards that drastic on the show now, will we see the death of Rebecca unfold as well? Moore hopes so saying, “To be able to see the entire line of this woman’s life—I mean, as an actor, it doesn’t get any better than that. I feel like it’s a really fitting place to go, in terms of story and what the show truly is all about.”

If that moment does come, there will be sure to be more tears coming from us that's for sure!