According To This Study It's Okay To Marry Your First Cousin

posted by @ItIsMeEJ -

Listen. I'm not to pass judgement or anything like that... BUT the line has to be drawn on these studies. It's just INSANE!

According to this one study, they are claiming that it's okay for you to marry your first cousin, as long as your child doesn't marry their first cousin. Makes sense? No... because it's confusing. This is all according to 'Popular Science.'

The paper that was published in The Science Journal studied 13 member family trees and looks at information that was found in genealogy profiles.

The study goes on to say that 4 to 7 percent of the kids from the first cousins are likely to have birth defects. If your kids marry their first cousins. It's also believed from the study that cousins share 12.5% of their DNA. Second cousins share 6.25% of DNA while third cousins share 3 percent. 

I can't even believe that this was even a study.

Hmmmmm. Could you ever marry your first cousin?