Listen To Eminem's Brand New 'REVIVAL' Album | iHeartRadio World Premiere

posted by Isha Thorpe - 

After waiting for what seemed like a lifetime, Eminem's highly anticipated REVIVAL studio album is here and you can now listen to it on iHeartRadio all day for FREE! Tweet #iHeartREVIVAL to celebrate!

Here are the details: From midnight Friday (Dec. 15) to midnight Saturday (Dec. 16), iHeartRadio Rhythmic and select Hip Hop stations will be playing REVIVAL at the top of every hour. That's right! That means that all of Slim Shady's Stans will be blessed with the Rap God's brand new body of work for the entire day. What a perfect way to jumpstart the weekend!

Since the public first learned that Em was dropping a new LP, everyone immediately got excited. It's been years since we've gotten a full project from the rapper and he's finally ready to come back into our lives. The artist teased the album with one faux medical advertisement after the next, urging fans to take REVIVAL, as their doctor (Dre) prescribed to enhance their lives and health. 

The first single from REVIVAL was "Walk On Water" featuring Beyoncé. On this track, fans learned how hesitant Em was -- at first -- about making his comeback. Em rapped on it, "Kids look to me like as a god, this is ret**ded/ If only they knew, it’s a facade and it’s exhaustive/ And I try to not listen to nonsense/ But if you b**ches are trying to strip me of my confidence/ Mission accomplished/ I'm not god sent/ Pac, Kim, Big, James Todd Smith/ And I’m not Prince." 

Thankfully, these worries eventually went away and the artist's fans are getting doses of much-needed REVIVAL on iHeartRadio. Thanks Eminem and you're welcome, Stans!

Listen to Eminem's new REVIVAL album for free all day long on iHeartRadio Rhythmic and select Hip Hop stations, and on Eminem REVIVAL Radio. And don't forget to tweet #iHeartREVIVAL to tell us your thoughts about the new project. Happy listening!

Get your REVIVAL doses below.

WARNING: Side effects of listening to REVIVAL include sweaty palms, muscle aches, shortness of breath and urinating more often than normal.


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