NYPD Is Ready To Arrest Quavo After Club Fight, Robbery

Is Quavo really about to get arrested? That's what TMZ is reporting after the Migos rapper got accused of beating up and robbing Eric the Jeweler last week in NYC. 

As previously reported, Eric told the NYPD that he was jumped by Quavo and another man -- we're not sure who -- in a nightclub after the 2018 Grammys. Apparently, the two started arguing over jewelry payments and that's when things turned physical. Eric also said that the gold chain that he was wearing, which is valued at $30,000, was also snatched during the fight. 

Now, the NYPD is claiming that after investigating the incident, it has enough information to handcuff the rapper. "NYPD detectives have gotten in contact with the Migos rapper's attorney, Drew Findling, informing him they have enough evidence to arrest Quavo," TMZ reports. "We're told an arrest warrant hasn't been issued but it's only a matter of time."

Findling claims that his client is innocent and adds that if the NYPD arrests him, it'll just end up embarrassing itself. 

Photo: Getty Images


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