Teen Takes Michael B. Jordan Cardboard Cutout To Prom, Actor Reacts

Prom season is upon us and one high school student took things into her own hands when she wanted a specific someone to accompany her for the fun night.

A teenager named Dee (AKA Audeva) decided to make a cardboard cutout of her celebrity crush and take that to her junior prom. Who was the crush, you might ask? Welp, it's Black Panther's own Michael B. Jordan! The actor is very busy shooting Creed 2 in Philly. But, that didn't stop Dee from making her own dreams come true. This girl was on a mission.

On Twitter, Dee revealed that it took three hours to make the cutout. But, it was worth every minute. "After not being able to get a prom date from procrastinating and waiting til the last minute, I spent 3 hours making my sexy prom date. I got on @TheShadeRoom but now i need to MEET my man @michaelb4jordan @TheEllenShow pls help. RT FOR #GetDeetoMBJ," Dee's tweet read. Take a look at it below. You can also see funny photos and videos of her and her date, as well. 


After seeing this teenager on The Shade Room, MJ decided to react to it. Along with a couple crying laughing emojis, Jordan said, "This is called commitment!" See the actor's response below!

Photo: Getty Images


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