Homeless Man Steals Beer Truck, Leads Cops On Wild Chase


A homeless man in Santa Rosa was arrested after stealing a Coors beer truck from a liquor store parking lot and leading police on a wild highway chase. Police charged Matt Hermsmeyer with suspicion of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, priors for auto theft, resisting arrest and violation of his probation.

A delivery driver was inside a Santa Rosa liquor store when a customer ran in to tell him a man wearing only a pair of American flag shorts had jumped in his truck and driven off. The trucking company had a GPS in the truck and was able to locate it within a few minutes. 

When police responded to the McDonald's parking lot about three miles from the liquor store, they found the man had abandoned the truck. Witnesses reported he was running on foot across Highway 101, dodging six lanes of cars as he jumped over the divider. Police sent a K9 unit and helicopter to track down Hermsmeyer. After about 45 minutes police found him crouching in the bushes underneath a highway overpass. 

Photo: Santa Rosa Police Department


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