Watch: Chance the Rapper Rehearse a Play on Sesame Street

Ready for a good laugh? It's been over a year since Chance the Rapper teased his segment with Sesame Street, but it has finally premiered Saturday on HBO. During his appearance, on “T is for Theater,” Chance is cast as "the monster who loved cookies" in director Elmo's play of the same name. The Blue Monster is shocked when he finds out that the role he is given is simply "Waiter No. 3.," and is forced to stand by and watch as Chance screws up his lines like "nom nom nom."

Eventually, Chance realizes that maybe playing "the monster who loved cookies" is not his calling. Watch the hilarious clip below!


The rapper has definitely been the source of much viral online entertainment. Back in October, Chance went undercover as a Lyft driver in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois

The rapper picked up some unsuspecting people in need of a ride, disguised in sunglasses and a beanie as "John." And as he drove each of these passengers to their destinations, he talked to them about Chicago and helping the city's kids, music, and more. 

The rapper's own charity, The New Chance Fund (with the help of SocialWorks) has actually teamed up with Lyft so that the app's customers can donate in-app by using the Round Up and Donate feature. With this feature, the change on the total fare will be rounded up and donated, with proceeds going support Chicago Public Schools, something that Chance is really passionate about and has been very vocal about.

Watch the video below! 




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