Daniel Craig Admits He’s Nothing Like James Bond In Real Life

Daniel Craig is retiring his famous role as James Bond with No Time to Die. The actor joined Ryan Seacrest on-air on Wednesday, October 13, and admitted he's actually nothing like the martini sipping secret agent.

"There are so many," Daniel said when asked about his least "debonair" quality. "You have no idea. I’m one of the last debonair human beings you’ll ever meet. I’m the reverse of this person," he jokingly admitted.

The actor added that he had no idea the franchise would last nearly 17 years.

"I couldn’t see further than the end of Casino Royal," Daniel added. "… I just thought I’ve got to give it my best shot … the fact I got to make five movies now is difficult to imagine."

Plus, did you know the first-ever film Daniel saw was a James Bond film?

Watch back the full interview for more and catch No Time to Die out now.

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