Tips & Tricks to Storing, Freezing Breast Milk Like Mama Sisanie

Liquid gold! Sisanie’s breast milk storage is seriously mom goals. Ryan Seacrest's cohost is on maternity leave with baby No. 3, daughter Siveya, and she's gearing up to get back to work by pumping and freezing her breast milk.

Sisanie's husband Michael shared with Seacrest on-air her stash is getting so high, they're looking into getting another freezer!

So, what are some tips for pumping and storing breast milk? Experts suggest a good window to start storing is about three weeks before your start date.

Other tips?

Introduce the bottle when baby is between 4 and 6 weeks old and aim for about five times a week so they get used to it. Pros also suggest pumping daily and at the same time. Consistency will encourage your body to make more milk.

And don't be intimidated! Pros say you only need to stash three to four days worth of milk before your start date. You don’t need more than this because you’ll continue to build your breast milk stash at work.

Photo: Credit: Sisanie

And remember, go easy on yourself you can always supplement with formula!

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