Judge Scolds Cancer Patient For Unkept Lawn, Reports Herself For Misconduct

Judge Demanding Order

Photo: Fuse

A Michigan judge is apologizing after a video of her berating a 72-year-old cancer patient went viral. Burhan Chowdhury appeared before Hamtramck District Judge Alexis Krot in an online hearing after receiving a ticket for failing to maintain his lawn.

Chowdhury explained to the judge that he has cancer and limited mobility and relies on his son to keep up his yard. He also said that he was out of the country for several months and that his son helped maintain his property while he was gone.

Judge Krot didn't seem to care and scolded him before upholding the $100 fine.

"The neighbors should not have to look at that. If I could give you jail time on this, I would," Krot told Chowdhury. "You should be ashamed of yourself."

A video of the exchange was shared on Twitter, prompting outrage over Krot's conduct.

An online petition demanding the removal of Judge Krot has amassed over 230,000 signatures.

After the video went viral, Krot issued an apology and said that she reported herself to the Judicial Tenure Commission.

"I apologize to the person who appeared before me and to our entire community for having failed to meet the high standards that we expect of our judicial officers, and that I expect of myself," she said in a statement.

"When someone appears before me and has made a mistake, I expect them to own up to it," Krot continued. "I expect nothing less of myself."

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