Demi Lovato Reveals How She 'Deceived' Fans With Her Song 'Substance'

Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato is cluing in fans on the meaning behind her latest single off her forthcoming album HOLY FVCK. In a recent video on the making of her music video for the track "SUBSTANCE," the singer revealed that she deceived people with the song's title.

"I wanted to write a song about the lack of substance in the world today," she revealed. "I wanted people to be deceived about its meaning, thinking it's about substance or substances, but really it's about something else." The song, which dropped July 15th, features Demi wailing, "I know we're all f----g exhausted/ Whoa, am I in my head/ or have we all lost it?/ So I ask myself/ "Am I the only one looking for substance?"/ Got high, it only left me lonely and loveless/ Don't wanna end up in a casket, head full of maggots/ Body full of jack s--t, I get an abundance/ Am I the only one looking for substance?"

HOLY FVCK is scheduled to drop this Friday, August 19th, and has been preceded by several singles including "Skin of My Teeth," "Substance," and "29." She's also officially kicked off her tour in support of the upcoming album. Over the weekend, Demi opened her show with two yet-to-be-released tracks, the titular "HOLY FVCK," "FREAK," and "EAT ME." Later in the set, Demi gave fans more songs from her upcoming album including "4 EVER 4 ME," "CITY OF ANGELS," the previously teased "29," and "HAPPY ENDING."

In addition to the new songs, Demi also took it all the way back to her Disney days by performing the tracks "Here We Go Again," "La La Land," "Remember December," and "Don't Forget." There were even a few covers perfect for her new punk rock era, which fans have dubbed "Rockvato," including "La La" by Ashlee Simpson and "Iris," by The Goo Goo Dolls.

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