Bigfoot Filmed In Colorado, US Forest Service Isn't Sure What Video Shows

Photo: Getty Images

The debate over the existence of Bigfoot has raged on for years. In that time, there have been thousands of sightings and hundreds of photos and videos, but the majority of them are either hoaxes, or blurry and hard to see. Well now, there's been another sighting and it was filmed in one of the clearest videos of a Sasquatch ever.

It comes from Shannon and Stetson Parker, a couple who were riding on the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad train in Colorado this past weekend. As they looked out the window for elk in the beautiful landscape of the San Juan National Forest, they spotted some movement. Their neighbor began filming while the Parkers took photos, but it wasn't an elk. Instead, it was what looks like a Bigfoot walking, noticing the train and then squatting down to blend in with the environment.

Colorado is a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings - so much so that they even have their own museum called The Sasquatch Outpost dedicated to the cryptid. However, not everyone is convinced the new video shows a Bigfoot. Commenters on YouTube wrote things like, "It's hunting season in CO. Hunter in camo," and, "AI or costume," and, "That's a man in a ghillie suit."

However, the USDA Forest Service, which administers the San Juan National Forest, didn't shut down the possibility that a Bigfoot is living there. They told TMZ, "The USDA Forest Service can't speculate or provide comments on the authenticity of the video. We'll be sure to alert the media if and when a Sasquatch is sighted by officials on National Forest System lands." With that though, the Forest Service stated that they are not investigating the sighting, which likely means they don't believe it.

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