Jake Miller's 'Palm Blvd' Is Perfect For Your Extra Chill Playlist

Jake Miller has never crowd surfed, but his Dad has! 

The last time Jake played in NYC, to a sold-out show (no biggie), his Dad was able to check a major item off of his bucket list! Jake's still waiting for his crowd surfing moment to come, but he's usually too busy playing the show. 

"All of a sudden I just see my Dad floating," he said about the bizarre experience. 

Miller, 25, is out with his second studio album, 2:00AM IN LA, and is currently on a 31-city tour with more dates expected to be added soon. 

"I'm independent now. I'm making music on the road. [...] I could go back to the hotel and make a full song if I wanted to," Jake said about life not being signed to a label.

The Florida native told us he's learned that it's more important to surround yourself with people who believe in you and your career goals over people who are 'big' in the music business. He loves the flexibility that comes with being an independent artist. 

Check out his super chill acoustic version of his single "Palm Blvd" + video interview below. You're going to want to add this one to your playlist ASAP!

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