New Tik Tok Trend: Rice Krispies As Pre Workout! Is It Effective?

Can Rice Krispies help as a pre workout snack? That's the question that has been all over fitness Tik Tok lately. It doesn't seem like your regular pre workout food but some people swear by it! Including this user below, take a look.

An insane pump indeed! Although according to some doctors this "pump" in energy is most likely due to the carbs and sugars in Rice Krispies but also it could be a placebo effect. This meaning that your mind is tricking itself into believing it is effective. Which is easy to do with trends on Tik Tok.

No matter what you eat before or after your workout depends on what is best for your body! And every body is different! So while the rice krispy might not hurt you, it might not be good for your body before a work out like it was for the user above!

What do you think? Is this a fitness trend you would try?

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