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Coi Leray: iHeartRadio On The Verge Artist

When Coi Leray emerged on to the Hip Hop scene in 2017, the rap sensation did things her way. Her music was an embodiment of who she was at the time, and it was different in that she brought her listeners into a carefree world of individuality and charismatic energy. With her upcoming EP ​Now or Never​, Coi Leray is continuing that trend of being original, but most importantly, she's evolving into more than just a premier rapper. She is becoming a full-fledged artist who understands there's so much more to her craft than what is expected.

Hailing from New Jersey, Coi was born into a family that inspired her to go out and get her own so that she stood out from her siblings. With the guidance and support of her parents, Coi moved out of the house by age 17 and found a job working in sales, which she excelled at. However, despite working in that environment, music always had a place in her heart.


Coi occasionally dabbled in freestyles and recorded some material on the side but didn't take music seriously until she unleashed her breakout single "G.A.N. (Goofy Ass N***az)" in 2017. The single blew up on Soundcloud and shone a whole new light on theNew Jersey native. "G.A.N was going to make a statement because A Boogie at the time, was the only person talking crazy about females and made it sound so good," says Coi. "I wanted to come back from a female standpoint and applied pressure, and from there, I kept going."

Onward she went as Coi dropped her first mixtape ​Every Thing CoZ​ in 2018. Thanks to tracks like "No Letting Up" and "Pac Girl," which showed her unique style, a deal withRepublic Records along with opportunities to open for big-name artists like Gucci Mane and Jay Critch., fell into Coi's lap. Her second mixtape ​EC2​ maintained the fiery pace the young artist was on but also featured an evolution to her sound that included more melodies and enhanced production.

With her upcoming EP ​Now or Never​, things have changed immensely for Coi. No longer are we seeing a young girl who's just living her life and having fun, we're seeing her transition into a woman and a true artist. "If you listen from ​Every Thing CoZ​ to ​EC2 to the music that I have now, it's so much different and bigger," Coi says. "You'll see I've calmed down a little bit. Certain songs I'm not as turnt up because I went through shit, and I'm going through shit in the process."

"​Everything CoZ​ and​ EC2​ I look at it as Baby Coi trying to find herself and just not giving a fuck. Now I'm looking at my new body of work as just growth and me understanding the artistry of music," she says. ​Now or Never​ is a project that listeners will get to hear how talented Coi is. She displays her usual adept rapping skills but incorporates more singing and emotion, abilities we haven't heard her tap into before on this level.

On "Slide," Coi gets on her grown and sexy vibe by singing her heart out to that one special person. She motivates herself, her family, and her team with conviction on "Do Better" while confronting a tumultuous lover on "Messy." If there's anything to take from this new project it's that Coi is on the way to becoming a true superstar not only in Hip Hop but Pop as well.

As I get older and as I progress and get better as an artist, I see myself getting deeper into my music with my emotions," Coi says. "There's twerking music, pain music, someR&B, and some trap. I just want to give them something that is to my full potential. I want to take them to a place that they've never been before. It's now or never, and the time is now.

"Even outside of her music Coi is leveling up in numerous ways as well. She has her very own cooking show on YouTube and plans on expanding her empire into acting, hair care products, a clothing line, brand campaigns, and even her own line of rims for cars. In her eyes ​Now or Never​ will open those doors for her.

"I'm going to be the biggest fucking artist in the world. I want to be the one that's just different and stands out in every way," Coi says about her future. "I'm not just an MC. I'm a pop star and a brand. I'm going to be bigger than Ariana Grande, Lady Gaga, and Nicki Minaj. All three of them are great and all that inspires me to level up past them. I'm going to leave a huge impact.”


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