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Social media is constantly evolving and Instagram is proving that point with it's new features on the latest update. First, you can now highlight a segments of your story on your page so people can see that one specifically. Also new, you can now follow hashtags on the app! 

Following hashtags allow you to stay up to date with your favorite topics, whatever it may be. Instagram users can search their favorite hashtag like, #dog, #slime, #baking.... whatever it is, then "follow" it. That will then allow it to be featured on the top of your main page in the Instagram Stories section. \

Instagram filters out the posts, highlighting the best ones based on best reactions, most recent postings, followings and quality. You can also downvote posts that you feel don't fit the hashtag! 

Video by @annettelabedzki Starting today, we’re introducing new ways for you to stay connected to your interests on Instagram, with the ability to follow hashtags like #asmr. Once Canadian artist Annette Labedzki (@annettelabedzki) learned there was a community of people mixing paint for sensory effects, she wasted no time. “My first video was late at night, I used wax paper, I had my pajamas on,” she says. Through #asmr (autonomous sensory meridian response), Annette, who has painted full time for 30 years, found new ways to be inspired by the materials she’s always worked with. “There was a point where I had mixed every color combo that I could possibly think of. And one night I thought, ‘I wonder what would happen if I poured paint into one of those molds and froze it?’ I’ve never had so much fun in my life!” Whether she’s crushing frozen paint, adding glitter to a mix or creating on a miniature canvas, Annette loves how sharing her videos opens up a dialogue with others. “I listen to what they write, and then I go from there.”

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