ICYMI: Top Five Commercials of Super Bowl LII (WATCH)

People watch the Super Bowl for many reasons. But if you're like me without a Super Bowl contending team, the main reason is for the commercials. Super Bowl LII did not disappoint as there were a lot of funny and inspirational commercials. Check out our list of our favorite commercials: 

5. Budweiser

Super Bowl commercials are known for their outlandish and funny nature. However, there are always a few that try to inspire its viewers. Budweiser's TV spot recalled the time where our nation was facing many natural disasters and how the company did their part by providing water relief to those affected in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico, and California.


4. Eli Manning and Peyton Manning 

While the two New York Giants players did not qualify to play in the Super Bowl, the pair starred in a Dirty Dancing inspired commercial complete with the iconic lift. Who knew that Eli Manning could really dance?


3. Peter Dinklage vs. Morgan Freeman 

What do you get when you make two elite actors have a rap battle? An epic Super Bowl commercial. Doritos and Mountain Dew paired up to create dueling Super Bowl ads that featured Game of Thrones Peter Dinklage rapping to Busta Rhymes verse and narrator of everything Morgan Freeman doing a iconic Missy Elliot verse.  


2. Tide

The laundry detergent company had the best reoccurring TV spots, which starred Stranger Things's David Harbour spoofing a lot of notable TV ads. Some spoofs included Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln commercials, the Old Spice Guy, and Amazon's Alexa. 


1. Amazon's Alexa

ALEXA HAS LOST HER VOICE! Or at least that's the premise of Amazon's Super Bowl ad. Due to this crisis, celebrities from Gordon Ramsey to Cardi B lend their voice to the Alexa system to save the day. 


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