'Golden Retriever Egg Challenge' Is Going Viral and It's So Sweet!

In a video posted on Twitter a few days ago from user @laurdeyfuss, someone tries the “egg challenge,” to test whether golden retrievers are actually as gentle as some say they are. 


During the video, the owner of an adorable golden took an egg and placed it into the dog's mouth. The goal is to find out if the dog's bite will be light enough to not break the egg. And just as they hoped, it worked! The dog gently closed its mouth on the egg, avoiding cracking it. The next test was getting the egg out of the dog's mouth and it wouldn't let go! The dog eventually put the egg down without it breaking.

The video has racked up nearly 225,000 retweets and more than 675,000 likes. And other people are trying the challenge with their golden retrievers! Check out some other videos! 


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