New Bill Would Let You Choose Your Own Driver's License Photo

OMG I hate the photo on my driver's license.  I totally didn't expect to have to take a new photo that day I went in to the DMV. I showered, put a little bit of make up on and threw my wet hair in a bun.  It is so not cute! I was so mad when they told me I couldn't keep my old photo. If you have a similar experience, guess what!! We might soon be able to choose our own photo!!! A new bill was introduced today that if passed,  would give us two options when picking a photo.  You can either have the photographer at the DMV retake the photo for free OR you can bring in a photo taken outside of the DMV (as long as it meets their guidelines) and there will be a small fee.  The money taken in would be used for Driver's ed programs.  Hey sounds pretty good to me! 

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Letty B

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