Get Paid To Do Basically Nothing - New Dream Job In Sweden!

The job doesn't start until 2026, but a government funded experimental job posting is already up and to some, it could be your dream job come true! Imagine your only tasks were clocking in and clocking out. That's it! It's a train station currently under construction, that completely runs itself. The point of this job is an experiment to see how someone would live doing nothing but getting paid $28,000 a year for it.

The caveat is that you cannot work a side job. This has to be your only income. Would you be able to do it? The posting says that the job is forever, and you would not get fired, so there is complete job security. Imagine if you could live within those means, you could do whatever you wanted during the day! But making only $28,000 for the rest of your live is also a hard pill to swallow. Hmm... decisions, decisions.

If you want to find out more about it, Atlas Obscura has the full story.