Justin Bieber Took April Fool's Day Too Far

You probably saw Justin Bieber put up this picture yesterday on instagram of his supposed baby. People started losing their minds! In fact, celebrities chimed in. Even Ellen Degeneres, who has been a huge supporter of Justin wrote:

"Justin Bieber if you're april fooling me, so help you!"

Justin didn't stop there. He then posted this photo of wife Hailey in what seemed to be doctor's office!

This fueled speculation even further. Of course fans started digging, and found that the ultrasound picture was a stock photo from google. That's when Justin finally revealed it was a hoax.

Justin may have put it out there in good fun, but you just don't joke about pregnancies! Many fans of Justin's were upset because they or someone they know suffers with infertility. To joke about being pregnant, when so many couples would love the opportunity, is just not okay. Even Justin's mother didn't approve saying:

"Ya well it better" referring to Justin saying it was all a joke.

Not cool man, not cool.

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