Psychology Student Reveals Simple Trick to Stop Anxiety In Viral TikTok

Mollie Trainor, a TikToker who is currently doing a masters degree in psychology, is going viral for explaining a simple trick you can do to combat anxiety.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety daily, particularly “pre-performance anxiety”. So right before you give a presentation, or go on a date, or take a test, your heart may start to race, you sweat, and you feel light-headed. But, you don't have to! Or, at least, you can try to combat it.

Ryan Seacrest shared Mollie shares all you have to do is say out loud to yourself "I am excited."

Credit: TikTok

Credit: TikTok

Excitement and nervousness are both “high-arousal states” so you can fool your brain into reinterpreting those signals.

Watch the video above and try it out for yourself!