Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics: (5/31/24-6/2/24)

Since last weekend was long and I was in the streets a lot with my girlfriend, Alyssa, I decided to keep it chill this weekend. Friday after work I went on an apartment tour then went home and slept. Then I woke up Saturday and went to one of my favorite comfort food spots in the Twin Cities, The Malt Shop in Lynnhurst.

Saturday the weather was gorgeous so I took a walk by Lake of the Isles.

For some reason, I found a person who has a big pencil statue outside of their house. It was super random but I thought it was nice... like where and why do you order this? Is there a pencil statue aisle at Home Depot?

Sunday I was supposed to go to this event but things didn't really pan out so I ended up seeing Minnehaha Falls for the first time. This was before it started raining on Sunday so it was GORGEOUS. I've been learning to enjoy the outdoors a lot more lately and this was so nice.

I closed out my weekend meal prepping, like I usually do. This weekend I made a shrimp foil packets (minus the foil) in the oven. It's shrimp, sausage and potatoes mixed with seafood seasoning. It is DELICIOUS... and part of me is ready to stop gatekeeping and share the recipe with you... ;)

Thanks for checking out my Weekend in 5! I kept it chill this weekend but next weekend I'm going back to Jersey so you'll be able to see the fam bam and Alyssa. If you wanna see more daily, follow me on Instagram @vontleak.

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