Vont's Weekend In 5 Pics: (7/5/24-7/7/24)

It was kind of a slow weekend after my family went back home to New Jersey so I'm including two photos from when they were here that I hadn't uploaded yet! This is my sister, Bree. This was on the one nice day that we had last week so we took advantage of it and went to Dairy Queen!

My family got back on the road to Jersey on Friday... but not before stopping to see me at work. They got to meet Dave and Bailey! When I went downstairs to grab them, my Grandma goes "where are we?" and when I told her we were at my job she says "oh wait I'm gonna meet Dave Ryan!?!" and starts to comb her hair.

Saturday was literally just me lounging moving so not much to see... however I did get Dunkin Donuts. This wasn't huge but Dunkin is as popular in NJ/NY as Caribou is in the Midwest, and it's so rare for me to get it when I'm out here. Just feels like a little slice of home.

You know I try to be a foodie so I HAD to stop by Taste of Minnesota in downtown Minneapolis. Literally just a big cookout/backyard party with a ton of different food trucks and vendors.

I guess I should've took this photo before I started eating... (sorry). There was this food truck that had jerk chicken and rice, which I'll be honest wasn't delicious but it was still so good. Plus it felt like I was pregaming to have authentic jerk chicken one week from now when I'm in Jamaica!

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