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(Yahoo!) - Taylor Swift may have found herself on the other side of the poison pen.

It sounds like Justin Bieber is throwing some shade at the country darling in his new track "All Bad." In the song, Bieber, 19, croons to an ex-girlfriend (coughSelena Gomez) about how her best friend is meddling in their relationship.

"It's another, if it ain’t one thing / Instigators like pouring fire on propane / The wrong thing, they be worried about / Ooh, you know females / And how they like to run their mouths," is how Bieber kicks off the catchy track.

A few other lyrics that has Beliebers speculating the song is about the 23-year-old?

"Misery, misery, best company / Don’t let them change your mood," and, "Between us, they wanna comment / Your worst enemy some time be your best friend."

Bieber appeared to confirm the song was about Taylor when he retweeted — then quickly deleted — a fan's comment.

While the retweet was erased, Justin did follow user "IKidrauhlic" back.

The diss track isn't too shocking, considering Taylor has showed that she isn’t a huge fan of Justin's in the past.

At the Billboard Music Awards in May, Swift was caught sticking her tongue out when Selena and Justin were getting cozy backstage.

Later that same night, Taylor was asked what she thought about Bieber winning the fan-driven Milestone Award, for which she was also nominated. Visibly annoyed, the singer simply responded, "Can we have another question?"

"All Bad" united two of Twitter's biggest fanbases on Monday, Beliebers and Directioners, who have made "#taylorsfault" a trending topic all day.

Somehow we doubt Harry Styles's ex is paying much attention to the hoopla (either that, or she is hard at work penning a rebuttal melody).

After all, the "Red" singer, who just won the Pinnacle Award at the CMAs, had a pretty great week…one that didn't consist of food poisoning , vandalism, or sleeping videos.

Take a listen to "All Bad" below…do you think it's definitely about Taylor?

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