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This Optical Illusion Is Driving People Crazy!

Someone sent me this optical illusion that people are losing their minds over and I could not for the life of me figure it out. I ended up googling the answer.  However, here it is to...
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Drunk Goggles Gone Wrong

The goggles are designed to impair the vision of the person wearing them to mimic the effects of drinking too much alcohol.  Not sure the teacher was expecting this though...
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The website recently did a listing of the 10 Most Boring States in America. We ended up on the list! There's no denying it: There are plenty of states in America that are...
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We've Been Mishearing A Lyric in J.Lo & Ja Rule's 'I'm Real' For 15 Years!

EVERYONE knows the single  Jennifer Lopez  and Ja Rule released called "I'm Real (Remix)" However,  Jezebel  writer Jia Tolentino published an...
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Girl Quits Her Job At Walmart On The Loudspeaker!

Well, I definitely don't advise doing this at any job BUT at least she went out like a G LOL!  *WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE 
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Man Shaves Off Beard and Finds This Underneath

This man thought he just had a persistent pimple. Once he got a closer look, he realized it went way deeper.. DAMN
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FIRST LISTEN: Justin Timberlake - #CantStopTheFeeling

It hasn't even been out 12 hours and people are already calling it the "Song Of The Summer". It's Justin Timberlake's new single, "Can't Stop The Feeling", from the  Trolls  movie...
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The Snapchat Love Story

It all started with two University of Wisconsin Madison students. Vikings Fan and Mystery Girl. Vikings fan posted a quick snap about how it was NFL draft day and then Mystery Girl posted a...
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Dog Cleans House AND Greets Guest

Tell me that wouldn't LOVE to have a dog like this  
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One Lucky Seagull

A tuna mistakes a seagull for food and then spits it out.
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