Ohh yea....A New Study Ranks Every Body Part . . . By How Much It Turns You On When Someone Touches Or Kisses You There

We've got the results of a new study that ranked your body parts by how EROTIC they are.  And I think it's safe to say that, unless you get a specific request, you can stop sucking on toes.  You're not turning anyone on.

Both men and women gave rankings to their body parts based on how much they get turned on when someone touches or kisses them there.

And both feet and toes finished near the bottom of BOTH lists, down there with the totally random, unsexy body parts.  The four LEAST erotic body parts for both men and women are the kneecaps, nose, elbow, and shin.

The top 10 most popular erogenous zones for women . . . other than their actual lady parts . . . are:  Mouth and lips, nape of the neck, breasts, nipples, inner thigh, back of the neck, ears, lower back, pubic hairline, and buttocks.

The top 10 most popular erogenous zones for men . . . other than your MANHOOD itself . . . are:  Mouth and lips, testes, inner thigh, nape of the neck, nipples, TAINT, pubic hairline, back of the neck, ears, and chest.