Flirting is an art form – there is no one way to do it and not everyone does it the same way. How you flirt can be just as important in meeting a compatible partner as your personality.

Now, thanks to eHarmony, there aren't just "29 dimensions of compatablilty," there are also 5 styles of flirting that contribute to your dating profile. The online dating giant collaborated with Dr. Jeffrey Hall to research flirting styles, and the research concluded that there are five basic styles of flirting and that your flirting style can say a lot about the kind of love life you have – or want. Here are the 5:

The Physical Flirt: This style is all about chemistry. These people express sexual interest through body language. A touch to the arm, and leaning into the object of your affection are just a few examples.

The Polite Flirt: This style prioritizes good manners and nonsexual communication. Polite flirts are turned off by more direct flirting. 

The Playful Flirt: This style often doesn't have anything to do with romance. It's just about having fun and maybe getting a little ego boost. The playful flirt probably flirts with everyone all the time and doesn't even realize they are doing it!

The Sincere Flirt: This style is about making an intense emotional connection and getting to know people at a deep level. Think intense conversation and a lot of one-on-one time getting to know each other.

The Traditional Flirt: These flirts believe strongly in traditional gender roles – men should make the first move and women should take a more passive role.