Some of these terms I had heard.. Some I had never heard before!!  haha

Guys talk and act very differently when there are no women around. They even have a distinct male language that they use especially in reference to the female persuasion. Here are some of the popular terms guys use to describe women ... and what they actually mean:

Biddie: A fun-loving 18- to 22-year-old girl who enjoys getting white-girl wasted, and is perceived to be overwhelmingly superficial. Think Ana Farris in House Bunny.

Snow Leopard: The oldest and richest of all cougars. Indigenous to the South Florida area. 50 to 60 years old and beyond. Above the age cutoff to be considered a “cougar,” but still very desirable.

White Walker: This gained popularity thanks to Game of Thrones. A White Walker is someone caught in the middle of a walk of shame.

Butter Face: A woman who has a super hot body, “but her face” is ugly.

Puma: A  woman in her sexual prime, between the ages of 30-39, who prefers to date younger men. She isn’t quite old enough to be a Cougar.

Jersey Chaser: A girl who chases after guys based on the sport they play. She may have even dated or slept with multiple guys on the same team.