SURVEY: What would you do?

SURVEY: Would You Do This To Have All Your Debt Wiped Out?

If you are piled in debt, would you be willing to put on 25 POUNDS if that debt were wiped out?

A new survey shows, 72% of people said...  NO

HAHAHA.. they are all liars

If you count my house, I'm in big time debt... Hell I would but on 40 pounds.. If it meant living with 25 more pounds to have it wiped out, BRING ON THE BURGERS!!!!  Now the real question is, do you have to keep the weight on for good?  Or can you lose the weight.  It doesn't talk about that in the survey unfortunately.

Sooo... the question would YOU pack on the pounds to lose the debt?

Rob Powers

so, I moved to Sioux City and attended East middle school, back when it was on the ave. Graduated East and spent some time WITCC for engineering! Absolutely love what I do, I have been blessed to make my hobby, my job.. I enjoy challenges, which is why you will find me in the gym through out the week when i am not at work! Also, look for me on the banks of the Missouri rive fishing Spring thru Fall (not much into fishing frozen)! I am one of those individuals who is up to trying most anything once! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or just to chat at my social media links (below)!



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