Two of Hollywood’s messiest misfits, Lindsay Lohan and Justin Bieber, are becoming blacklisted in New York City, too.

Justin arrived for Super Bowl parties, only to be detained on the airport tarmac to have his private jet inspected by drug-sniffing dogs. Then the nightclub bouncers placed Bieber on the blacklist. Four clubs turned him away from Super Bowl parties.

An insider revealed (quote) “Most clubs don’t want the hassle of having him inside anymore. No one wants the bad press. Until he stops being so volatile, we’re treating his as radioactive.”

Lindsay had a similar problem this weekend. She arrived at hot spot 1Oak, but was blocked at the door by bouncers. A witness revealed (quote) “She stared the doorman down, absolutely surprised that they wouldn’t let her in. She was definitely shaken up.”  Source: New York Daily News