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Billy the Kidd

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"Billy and Pooh With Special Guest Tiesto!"

Reunion Podcast!!

As you know, we are no longer doing the morning show in Austin. SO many emotions, that words can't even truly capture. So we do what we know best.... talk it out. Love you guys so much and thank you for an incredible ride!

Thursday 24, Dec: Enjoy Some The Best Moments From The BillytheKidd Show Also, Kissmas Wishes

Wednesday 23, Dec: Enjoy Some The Best Moments From The BillytheKidd Show Also, Kissmas Wishes

Tuesday 22, Dec: Enjoy Some The Best Moments From The BillytheKidd Show Also, Kissmas Wishes

Monday 12, Dec: Enjoy Some Of The Best Moments Of The BillytheKidd Show Also KissMas Wishes

Friday 18, Dec: Megz Doesn't Know What Happened To Her Date She Met On Tinder He Has Not Called Her Back At All

Junior in The Mixx: On today's show we grant another "KissMas Wish". Also, is it shady to have a separate bank account , well this wife thinks so find out what she does to keep her money hers! You don't wanna miss, "Second Date Update" Megz went out with a guy she met online, and she thought it went well. He is now ghosting her and we get him on the phone to find out why.
And, you won't believe what's in the "Bless IT" that and today's news in "What's TrendIng"

Thursday 17, Dec: A Girl Is Upset Over Something Her Brother Is Doing And If She Says Something The Holidays Could Be Ruined!

Gossip Greg has an allergic work? On today's show this guy has regrets over a gift that he got for his wife and wait til' you hear what it is. Also, we have Kissmas Wish for a deserving teacher ! You don't wanna miss, "Kiss Confession" this girl needs to have a conversation with her brother about something he did, and it could break up the family! Britney spears is doing something that has everybody talking, find out in today's "What's Trending" we have that and so much more!

Wednesday 16, Dec: Roland Is Not Understanding Why His Date Is Blowing Him Off, After What He Thought Was A Pretty Good Date!

Tuesday 15, Dec: A Girl Calls In That Is Upset About Her Husbands And What He Decided To Get Her For Their 5 Year Anniversary!

Today's show started off with a bang with "Ask Anne" a guy says it's his way or the highway when it comes to doing this one thing in the household! You don't wanna miss, "Kiss Confession" this lady is so upset about what her husband did for their 5yr anniversary. Get the scoop on today's events in "What's Trending". We have all that and so much More!